A multiple part, hypothetical, A2A question, oh what fun!

First question, “Is it true that technology is approximately 40 years delayed?”

I can not think of any condition where that makes sense. Typically in the world of invention, there are multiple people working on ideas in separate camps, competing against each other.  Half the battle is the right to say, we did it first. So why would anyone sit on an idea?

I guess in a bizarre military conspiracy theory world there could be some invention created that is delayed until there is some tactical reason to deploy it. But why would you create something today that may not be used until decades later?

Well, since I was asked to answer, I have to say, it doesn’t make any sense to me.

Second question, “For example, an Iphone already existing 40 years before they were created?”

That sentence has a question mark after it, but it is not a question, it is a statement which appears to support the reason for the first question.  Regarding the statement, it is a very fuzzy statement as it stands.

Yes, wireless phones have existed for more than 40 years, and yes various types of portable computing devices have existed as well for more than 40 years. (Although they were not as small as an iPhone.)  So help me to understand, what technology are you talking about that has been suppressed for more than 40 years?

Last question, “And if yes, who knows of them?”

Since I don’t believe the initial question is true, there are no examples to give.


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